Porphyry laying

The laying of porphyry is the final stage in the creation of external paving. Whether it be in blocks or slabs, the technique is the same. In all cases, it is a delicate process, because the resulting paving has to be a stable, even on roads which are open to traffic.

This is why it is essential to follow a series of precise steps.

  • Checking the ground: to ensure that it is a suitable support for a porphyry surface and for the loads that will be applied.
  • Creation of the base layer: to create a further support base for the porphyry, usually made out of cement screed.
  • Creation of the bedding: made up of course sand or a sand and cement mix.
  • Laying of the porphyry: the most common methods are in a radial pattern or in opposing arches.
  • Compacting
  • Sealing the paving from the elements: with sand, sand and cement mix, or resin.
  • Cleaning the paving: to eliminate the residual layer of sand left over from the sealing stage.

Laying of porphyry in blocks

Laying of porphyry in slabs

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